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We make ideas flow.
We make ideas flow.

    Tip TEU002 - Accessory for pneumatic rotary actuator

    Produkt-Foto Typ TEU002

    The depiction of the products may differ from the actual specific design.

    Tip tanımı

    TEU consists of a position indicator and final position feedback. It can be combined with the pneumatic rotary drives 2051 and 2052. TEU001 - Electromechanical final position feedback with optical indicator. TEU003 - Non-contact repeater with optical position indicator. TEU002 - electromechanical repeater, explosion proof. TEU004 - Non contact repeater, EExi explosion proof, with optical position indicator.

    • ATEX versions available
    • Perfectly suited for pneumatic rotary actuators: 2051 and 2052

    For selecting the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use according to the data sheet.

    İndirilebilir dokumanlar

    Dosya adı
    Dosya büyüklüğü
    Dil / Ülke
    DTS Zubehör für Pneu. Antrieb DSTEU001-uptoTEU004-DE-DE.pdf 365,1 kB DE / DE
    DTS Accessory for pneu. actuator DSTEU001-uptoTEU004-EU-EN.pdf 359,6 kB EN / EU
    DTS Accessoire pour action. pneu. DSTEU001-uptoTEU004-FR-FR.pdf 405,5 kB FR / FR