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Tip 3275 - 2/2 way Motor Valve

Produkt-Foto Typ 3275

The depiction of the products may differ from the actual specific design.

  • Produkt-Foto Typ 3275
  • Produkt-Foto Typ 3275
  • Produkt-Foto Typ 3275

Tip tanımı

Type 3275 is a direct-acting and general purpose motor valve for shut-off, used as regulating unit in control loops. The valve is powered by a stepper motor, which is incorporated in the compact and robust housing. Analogue input signals are processed by the integrated control electronics. The drive shaft shifts a very smooth ceramic disc over a second fixed ceramic disc. The fixed ceramic disc is simultaneously the valve seat. By turning the ceramic disc the valve opens. The seat tightness is optimized by high quality surfaces of the stacked ceramic discs. In case of power failure the actual valve position will be kept. Therefore, this valve is not suitable as safety shut-off valve. The motor’s power consumption in opened or closed position is nearly zero. Only during valve switching does the motor need power. This key feature can reduce the energy consumption of a plant dramatically and thus make it more efficient.

  • Actuator isolated from flow path
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast response times
  • Orifice sizes 8 to 25 mm

For selecting the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use according to the data sheet.

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